The Greatest Record Album Of All Time, Traveling Wilbury's Vol.1

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The year was 1988!  A good buddy of mine said to me "come over to my house, I have an awesome album for you to listen to.....The Traveling Wilbury's"!  I had never heard of this group, but Jack has a great ear for good music so I went over to listen to the songs.  That was the start of love love love.

The music was an experience that was like no other! They used fictitious nick names: Roy Orbison (Lefty), Tom Petty (Charlie T), George Harrison (Nelson), Bob Dylan (Lucky), Jeff Lynne (Otis) and Jeff Keltner (Buster Sidebury)...sitting in as the drummer, put together quite an album.

I had not listened to the record for at least 10 years.  Last week I played it on Spotify and fell in love again.  Fabulous music, fabulous players and great history. 

When you have a moment, give a listen, you'll fall in love with the album too.  My favorite song on the album?  Not Alone Any More.

Songs:  Handle With Care, Dirty World, Rattled, Last Night, Not Alone Any More, Congratulations, Heading For The Light, Margarita, Tweeter and the Monkey Man, End Of The Line, Maxine, Like A Ship

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Traveling Wilbury's
Wilbury's photo from Wikepedia

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