Cuban Night with Renesito Avich and Friends at Fogartyville

Cuban Night with Renesito Avich and Friends at Fogartyville

Come add your energy to the room as renowned Cuban tres player Renesito Avich records tracks for a live CD at the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center on Saturday, October 22 at 8pm.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 on the day of the show.  Avich will be joined by Mauricio Rodriguez on bass and Benny Maldonado on percussion.

The Tres guitar is the national instrument of Cuba and it gave birth to some of today's most important musical patterns. Salsa emerged from the first chords of Tres Cubano, as did other more primitive genres such as Changui, Kiriva and Nengon. The designs known as montuno piano and the most famous melodies of Cuba have their origins on the Tres. The instrument is similar to the acoustic guitar but with a different construction and string arrangement; the Tres has three pairs of steel strings, so its sound is strong and bright. It is fair to say that the Tres is recognized worldwide as the sound of Cuba.
Renesito is the winner of several national competitions: Festival Contest “Ignacio Piñeiro”, “Cubadisco Award 2011”, “Competition Ignacio Villa AHS” 2013, the Gold Title of the University of the Arts of Cuba, and the 2014 Cubadisco Award.

A native of Santiago, Cuba, the creative work of Renesito fully exploits the possibilities and techniques of the tres guitar with a brilliant concept of interpretative excellence. His compositions denote a broad conception of the sound of the Cuban Tres, in which he uses expressive resources of Classical music, Jazz and World Music. Through the veins of this young artist flows the melodic cadence coined by Miguel Matamoros, whom he considers one of the greatest musicians of all times.

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