Laura Bell Adams Shares Her Favorite Record Album, Paul Simon Graceland

The Sarasota Post

I tossed this idea around for weeks and finally settled on one favorite album! “Graceland” by Paul Simon.

When my kids were little we would play that cassette tape over and over while we drove to shop, play, visit, go to church, whatever… We learned every song and would belt them out loud and proud!

The rhythms and harmonies are fantastic! The words sometimes deep and then fun! The African instruments and sounds get deep in your head and haunt you in a wonderful way.

My daughter would sing “Elvis is a watermelon”! (It was actually “ever since the watermelon”, but we didn’t have the printed words!) And we’d laugh and laugh. Great album. Great songs. Great memories!

Sarasota Post note:  Laura is a licensed drone pilot!

Next Saturday: Kim Betts talks about her favorite record album!

Paul Simon Graceland
record cover photo from Wikepedia

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