White Picket Produce announced today that on March 21st they will celebrate 100 weeks of delivering 100% certified organic produce and local groceries to its customers.

“My first week of business, I was in my living room with 8 boxes to deliver and produce everywhere you looked.  I remember thinking, I must be crazy!” commented, Sharyn Vross, owner of White Picket Produce. “Now we are doing almost 150 deliveries a week from Ellenton and Parrish all the way down to Venice.”  

The company is giving away a $100 gift certificate in a random drawing to anyone who enters on their Facebook page or website.  In addition, they are giving away 100 apples and 100 bananas to their customers and local community as a way of giving back.

White Picket Produce individually tailors its Organic Produce to meet the needs of each customer with three different sized boxes and weekly, bi-weekly or monthly home delivery options.  The company simplifies the process of shopping for fresh organic produce and eating better, while saving the time and expense of travelling to the farmer’s market.  “When people can’t get to the Farmer’s Market, we can bring the Farmer’s Market direct to their door each week.” Customers can also add on local specialty items like: local honey, locally brewed Kombucha, locally roasted organic coffee, local bread, bagels, Local Raw Vegan and Paleo treats, local grass-fed beef, local fresh pasta, and so much more. Customers can go online and create an account to begin deliveries immediately.  Call: 704-763-3063

Note:  Organic food is pure food. It's safer, more nutritious and free of chemical additives. Organic crops are grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and organic livestock are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or other drugs. Organic food isn't genetically modified or irradiated.

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