I Was Almost Scammed By the IRS (fake IRS)

I Was Almost Scammed By the IRS (fake)

Last Friday while waiting for my flight from Tampa to Milwaukee, I noticed a phone call coming through from an “844” exchange.  I make it a habit of never answering these calls!

The call went to voicemail and it was about a 1 ½ minutes long so it attracted my attention.  I listened to the message and it sounded rather serious and official from the Internal Revenue Service saying that I was the subject of an investigation and lawsuit.  I did the foolish thing and called back the number.

Luckily, after listening to a “fake” IRS agent I realized it was a scam.  The IRS would never call someone with this type of information.  They were looking to scam money out of me.  I hung up and immediately called the IRS “hotline” to report the incident.

The point is that many many people fall for these types of scams and give out credit card numbers fearing doomsday ahead.  

A word to the wise…. The IRS would correspond via mail first and if they were to call you it would be through an official IRS phone #.  Don’t fall for these scams and never give your credit card # over the phone to someone that you don’t know, especially a suspicious caller.  

Millions and millions of dollars a year are collected by these phony scammers.  We have all heard the horror stories.  Spread the word, especially to the elderly- Hang up on these scammers and report the incident immediately to the FCC Hotline, 1-888-CALL FCC (225-5322)

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