Photographer And Veteran Christian Ulanch - Second Shots From Bradenton, Florida

Photographer And Veteran Christian Ulanch - Second Shot Mission From Bradenton, Florida

The sun shines brightly overhead, glistening off the choppy waves splashing upon the shore. A heron wades through the water, looking for its next catch. This scene is one that many people visiting and living on Anna Maria Island take for granted every single day, but not photographer Christian Ulanch. Christian wakes up every day with a renewed sense of purpose in his life. He grabs his trusty camera, calls for his companion dog Ivan, and heads out looking for his next great shot. His goal is to find that moment of beauty that’s sitting right in front of everyone, but they’re too caught up with other things to see it. Christian wants to photograph that moment and share it with the world. He hopes his photograph will give others a second chance to witness the world’s beauty as he sees it through his camera lens. Second shots mean everything to Christian, thanks to his first hand experience at almost not getting his.

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